Actor Toм Crυise: “Red career, black love”

Famous for a series of popular movies, actor Tom Cruise is not lucky in love. At the age of 59, he no longer has any “shadows” close to him.

3 short marriages

Tom Cruise is the most prestigious star in Hollywood. Possessing money, fame and a successful career, Tom Cruise seems to have everything a man desires. However, few people know that behind the man who has a seemingly perfect life is a turbulent past and a difficult love life.

Tom Cruise has had 3 marriages but they all have one thing in common: Unexpected ending with countless unanswered mysteries.

Actor Tom Cruise first married at the age of 25. His first wife was actress Mimi Rogers, 6 years older than him. However, the two only lived together for more than 2 years and decided to “go their separate ways” in 1989, when Mimi was 33 years old.

Tom Cruise and his first wife.

Breaking up peacefully, they often avoid mentioning each other much in the press. Just a year after breaking up with his first wife, Tom quickly got married to “Australian swan” Nicole Kidman. The 1990s were considered the golden age of the couple, both immersed in marriage for 10 years.

During their happy marriage, the two adopted two babies, Connor and Isabella. However, in 2001, Tom suddenly filed for divorce from Nicole Kidman, while she was pregnant. The shock of marriage caused Nicole to have a miscarriage. After breaking up with her husband, she lost faith in love and life for a long time.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were once a beloved couple.

The “Mission Impossible” actor then had several relationships with beauties like Penelope Cruz or Sofia Vergara, but they also ended quickly.

Despite having gone through two unsuccessful marriages, Tom still decided to take another step in 2006 with actress Katie Holmes. The two have a beautiful daughter together, Suri. It was thought that Tom had regained the image of a happy family man , but in 2012, the actor once again faced a broken marriage.

Being “dumped” by a 20 year old young lover

Throughout his career as an artist, the actor born in 1962 was constantly entangled in rumors of dating beauties. Most recently, Tom was “dumped” by his young lover 20 years younger than him after 1 year of dating.

Tom and Hayley are a very beautiful and compatible couple. They used to have a very good relationship, but now they only see each other as friends, nothing more and nothing less.

Tom Cruise and his girlfriend, 20 years younger than Hayley Atwell, were passionate.

Before dating Tom, actress Hayley Atwell had a passionate time with model Evan Jones and a British doctor. She has an attractive appearance, 𝓈ℯ𝓍y body and attractive way of speaking.

Dedicating his entire life to art, Tom Cruise is one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood. He debuted on the big screen in 1981 and to this day, the actor is still very stylish and famous. However, in real life, after joining Scientology, Tom Cruise was turned away by his friends and colleagues and lived a lonely life at the age of 59.