Will Smith’s Body Evolution Through The Years: See Photos Of His Transformation

As Will Smith gets ready to document his healthy weight loss journey for an upcoming YouTube series, take a look at the beloved actor’s transformation over the years!

Will Smith is beloved by millions of fans across the globe. The actor rose to prominence in the ‘90s as a comedic star on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ But as his star in Hollywood rose, he went on to transform into more dramatic roles, including real-life people and action heroes. 

As such, Will has put his body through quite a lot when it comes to his exercise, fitness, diet and more to make these transitions over the last few decades. But over the course of this past year, the actor confessed that he was in the ‘worst shape’ of his life.

In 2021, Will embarked on a new, healthy journey! The actor partnered with YouTube for a series on his health and wellness transition. Will announced the project in early May 2021, and fans were so excited to watch the actor and creative take on this challenge. Plus, it offered them a chance to take the journey with him! Take a look back at Will’s transformation through the years before his 2021 weight loss journey.

Along with building up his muscles for ‘Bad Boys,’ Will’s character wardrobe also adjusted from the oversized shirts he wore in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ to more fitted clothing, so that fans could really see the results of Will’s hard work.

This was the first of many physical transformations for Will. As the actor made the transition from TV comedy to dramatic films, he took on the iconic role of Muhammad Ali. Will completely transformed his body for the intense physical role, taking on the boxer’s build and rigorous exercises. Will went on to earn his first Oscar nomination for his work in the film.

After getting so built for films like ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Ali,’ Will slimmed down in 1999. While he was still built, his frame became more lean than the intense mucles he sported for ‘Ali.’

By 2003, however, Will was back in the gym and building up strength for the sequel to ‘Bad Boys.’ When ‘Bad Boys 2’ came out, fans got another look at how much work the actor had done at the gym to get in shape for his memorable role.

For ‘Bad Boys 2,’ it was clear Will’s body was back in the form that it was when he first starred in the action-packed film. The actor’s arm muscles were bulging, and he showed them off with the wardrobe selections for his character.

After the intensity of 2003’s ‘Bad Boys 2,’ Will slimmed once again. The actor was still long and lean, but again, his mucles weren’t as bulging as they were for the action-packed films. Here, fans can see the different form of his appearance at the 2004 premiere of ‘Raising Helen.’

By the time Will was nearing his mid 40s, he still looked as healthy as ever! It was clear that the actor was putting in the work at the gym and maintaining his ideal weight and muscle tone. Here he is posing for photos in India. 

In his mid-to-late 40s, Will was still in good shape. He maintained a healthy diet and was unafraid to show off his hard work at the gym whenever he was enjoying some time off from work. Here, Will Smith is seen on holiday in Formentera, Spain, on July 11, 2014. 

2018 was the year that Will turned 50 years old! The actor still looked quite built and healthy. Although his muscles were no longer as toned as they once were, he still looked in great shape just months before turning the big 5-0. Here, Will is pictured on vacation with his family off the Amalfi coast in July 2018

By 2019, Will was back at work on ‘Bad Boys 3.’ To be sure, getting back to the form he was in when the first two films came out may not have been the plan. But it was clear that the actor had really slimmed down and became more trim for the third installment of the franchise. Here, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are seen filming on the set of Bad Boys 3 on historic Ocean Drive in South Beach on April 11, 2019. 

The latter half of the 2010s saw Will get back to the action-packed films he was famous for. The actor starred in ‘Gemini Man’ in 2019. For the film, he had to get back in shape in order to handle the intense physical scenes. Here, Will Smith attends the ‘Gemini Man’ film premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on October 6, 2019.