DC Actress Who Ripped Tom Cruise’s Leather Pants With Her Teeth, Felt Awkward After French Kissing Him: “Oh my God, this is crazy! What are we doing?”

Tom Cruise has starred in a string of successful films since the 1980s. And astonishingly, the actor is still active today. He is probably best known these days for the Mission: Impossible movies.

Off-screen, however, the action star continues to uphold his reputation as one of Hollywoodโ€™s busiest and most dedicated actors. The majority of his co-stars, including one with whom he had once shared a passionate kissing scene, have nothing but positive things to say about him.

Well, there was a passionate kiss in the 2012 film, Rock of Ages, which is unquestionably not among Cruiseโ€™s high points in his career. Naturally, it was not a typical kiss either, which the actor had to share with Malin Akerman. The โ€œtongue-iest tongue kiss of all timeโ€ was how the script described it, according to the 45-year-old actress.  

Tom Cruise

Based on Chris Dโ€™Arienzoโ€™s rock jukebox Broadway musical, Rock of Ages, this 2012 jukebox musical comedy movie, was directed by Adam Shankman. 

Tom Cruiseโ€™s Rock Of Ages Co-Star Discussed Their On-Screen Kiss

Rock of Ages was one film that canโ€™t be regarded as Tom Cruiseโ€˜s best work. The actor portrayed troubled rock star, Stacee Jaxx in this 2012 movie. He also appeared in some of the most outrageous scenes alongside Malin Akerman.

In a 2012 interview with Vulture, Akerman discussed the preparations they did before filming that kiss scene. The actress, best known for her roles in The Heartbreak Kid and Watchmen, insisted that they actually never โ€œrehearsedโ€ the kiss on set:

โ€œWe never actually even rehearsed or even spoke about that last kiss, which is described in the script as the โ€˜tongue-iest tongue kiss of all time.โ€™ Once we got on set, both Tom and I were like, โ€˜Okay, Adam [Shankman], like what specifically is it that you want?โ€™ And Adam said, โ€˜Just go crazy. I mean, just lick her eyeballs if you have to. Just go for it.โ€™ Tom and I kind of looked at each other and were like, โ€˜Okay, weโ€™re game. Letโ€™s just do it.โ€™ You have to dive in head-first โ€” or shall I say tongue-first โ€” and just go for it.โ€

Malin Akerman

However, an American-Swedish actress did not hesitate to point out that the situation was a little โ€œweirdโ€œ:

โ€œBut of course, as soon as they call โ€˜Cutโ€™ and youโ€™re in a weird, compromising position, everyoneโ€™s just breaking out in laughter. We didnโ€™t ruin too many takes, but that frickinโ€™ monkey ruined a few. Come on. Can he hit his mark? Come on!โ€

Malin Akerman Revealed All About Locking Lips With Tom Cruise

Malin Akerman discussed her close โ€˜Frenchโ€™ encounter with the Top Gun actor as she continued, mentioning how much she loved singing her duet with Tom Cruise in โ€Œthis 2012 film. 

โ€œThe day they showed us the routine, the choreographer had two dancers that were doing our moves for us, and I just remember standing there slack-jawed. I mean, recording the song was so much fun, because Iโ€™m literally standing there singing with my finger in my mouth pretending like itโ€™s the leather string on his pants. But itโ€™s interesting, because when you do get into character, you forget that itโ€™s weird. Youโ€™re totally in it. And as soon as they call cut, you go, โ€˜Oh my God, this is crazy! What are we doing?โ€™โ€

Malin Akerman

Akerman cited the film as her favorite to work on and Cruise as her best on-screen kiss during a 2016 interview with Larry King.

โ€œI think โ€” aside from Billions, which Iโ€™ve having a blast on โ€” I really loved doing Rock of Ages. That was fun. I sang, and I got to stick my tongue into Tom Cruiseโ€™s ear, which was very interesting. Not everyone gets to do that. โ€ฆ It tastes like cotton candy. โ€ฆ [And] Iโ€™ll say Tom Cruise [as my best on-screen kiss]. It was the most fun, crazy one. โ€ฆ Great guy. Really lovely to work with.โ€

Despite having a star-studded cast, Rock of Ages failed to impress audiences. Receiving mixed reviews from critics, the movie bombed at the box office, earning only $59 million globally against a $75 million budget.

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible โ€“ Dead Reckoning Part One.

Malin Akerman last appeared in K. Asher Levinโ€™s comedy-horror film, Slayers in 2022. 

Meanwhile, Cruise is currently enjoying the success of his latest movie, Mission: Impossible โ€“ Dead Reckoning Part One, which has so far received positive feedback from both critics and viewers.