Even After Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman Left Him, Tom Cruise Is Still a โ€œHopeless Romanticโ€ Who Strongly Believes in Love at First Sight

A high-profile actor like Tom Cruise could never hide his personal life from the public, especially his relationships. The Mission: Impossible star has found and lost love through the years, and despite three failed marriages, he remains a hopeless romantic and a believer in love.

Tom Cruise

Cruiseโ€™s latest dating rumors involved Latina singer Shakira after fans spotted the pair spending time together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. There has been no confirmation of this, but it seems that the A-list actor is on the market to date again.

Tom Cruise Admits He Still Believes In Love Despite Several Failed Relationships

Tom Cruise

In a video interview with Extra TV, The Mummy star answered rapid-fire questions that involved his personal life and some of his favorite movies. When asked if he believes in love at first sight, Tom Cruise immediately answered: โ€œAbsolutely.โ€ When asked if he is a hopeless romantic, he also responded with: โ€œAbsolutely.โ€

It seems the actorโ€™s faith in romance never faltered even after his divorces from Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. He was first married to Mimi Rogers, who reportedly introduced him to Scientology. Cruiseโ€™s dedication to this church became one of the reasons for his separation from Holmes and Kidman.

In another interview with Extra TV, Cruise shared that his idea of a perfect date would be โ€œ100 percent or nothing. Iโ€™m just not interested in halfway.โ€ But, he also loves a good walk in the park:

โ€œI am a total romantic. I like a walk through the park. I like all that stuff, you know? I really love traveling.โ€

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Cruiseโ€™s love life has become more controversial after several of his failed relationships were reportedly affected by his religion. It seems that the actor was trying to introduce all of his previous partners to Scientology.

For instance, Kidman was raised a Catholic and refused to join her ex-husbandโ€™s church. The actress tried to explore the religion, but became โ€œdisaffected with Scientology or unwilling to continue.โ€ In a report from The Daily Beast, David Miscavige, the churchโ€™s leader, felt that Kidman would tempt Cruise to leave the religion, and so he ordered him to get rid of her.

Other women who dated Cruise, like Latina actress Sofia Vergara, were terrified of Scientology and felt that โ€œshe would be struck down by God and burn in hell if she joined.โ€ Holmes, on the other hand, broke up with the actor to protect their daughter Suri due to concerns about her ex-husbandโ€™s faith.

What Does Tom Cruise Look For In A Relationship?

Tom Cruise

In a post by Medium, the outlet explored what makes Tom Cruiseโ€™s heart skip a beat. Because the Edge of Tomorrow star is a self-confessed romantic, chemistry plays a vital role in finding a suitable partner. The actor loves sharing a deep connection with somebody he can be intensely passionate with.

Cruise always keeps his love life out of the public eye, so he wants to make sure that he and his partner will have the privacy to do things that the paparazzi cannot scrutinize. As one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, his schedule can be super jam-packed. Mutual support from his loved one can make wonders for their relationship.

Despite all the failed romances he has tried to nurture over the years, Tom Cruise continues to explore all areas of love and someday hopes to find someone who will voluntarily share the same faith as his.

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