Everyone Tom Holland Dated Before Falling For Zendaya

Getty | Nina Westervelt

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has always been pretty close-lipped about his love life, but in a July 2019 interview with Elle, he shared a surprising tidbit about his view on relationships. Holland claimed that — while he wasn’t romantically involved with anyone at that time — he is “definitely a relationship person.” He added, “I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life.”

With the continued success of the Spider-Man franchise, Holland is busier than ever. He’s set to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ anthology series “The Crowded Room,” and he’ll also portray Fred Astaire in a forthcoming biopic.

Still, Holland has never had any trouble in the romance department, despite his busy schedule. Who has the 27-year-old English actor actually romanced through the years (you know, other than his current girlfriend, Zendaya)? We’ve got the scoop.