Jason Statham Takes On the System in the Thrilling New Action Film ‘The Beekeeper

Jason Statham is giving new meaning to the phrase โ€˜โ€busy as a bee.โ€ Thatโ€™s because the actorโ€™s got his hands full of fighting bad guys in his brand-new movie. In fact, theyโ€™re feeling the sting, Decoโ€™s getting the buzz on โ€œThe Beekeeper.โ€

Jeremy Irons (as Wallace Westwyld): โ€œBeekeepers is a special program outside the chain of command.โ€

Jason Statham (as Adam Clay): โ€œI protect the hive. When the system is out of balance, I correct it.โ€

Jason Statham is buzzing in the new action flick โ€œThe Beekeeper.โ€

Emmy Raver-Lampman (as Agent Verona Parker): โ€œWe have laws for these things!โ€

Jason Statham (as Adam Clay): โ€œUntil they fail. Then you have me.โ€

The actor plays a retired operative whoโ€™s out for revenge after a phishing scam company causes his friendโ€™s death, and trust me, he means business.

John Statham: โ€œHeโ€™s one of these guys that doesnโ€™t really exist. Heโ€™s almost like this ghost that comes in and course-corrects whatโ€™s leaning to the left when it should be right in the middle.โ€

Jason is no stranger to kicking butt and taking names. But in this movie, itโ€™s his friendship with Phylicia Rashadโ€™s character that drives him forward.

Phylicia Rashad (as Eloise Parker): โ€œYouโ€™re a blessing, Mr. Clay. This place was crabgrass and weeds, and you brought it back to life.โ€

Phylicia Rashad: โ€œEloise is the first person who ever took care of him. That means a lot to him.โ€

Jason Statham (as Adam Clay): โ€œDo you know what they do here? Scamming the weakest in our society.โ€

Peter Brooke (as Lewis) โ€œBuddy, Iโ€™m counting to three.โ€

Jason Statham (as Adam Clay): โ€œOne, two, three.โ€

The phishing scam is just the tip of the bad guy iceberg.

Minnie Driver (as Director Janet Harward) โ€œThe money is going all over the world, to people in finance, even government.โ€

Thatโ€™s where Josh Hutchersonโ€™s Derek comes in.

Josh Hutcherson: โ€œHeโ€™s an absolute maniac who is, you know, high on power, high on money and high on many substances.โ€

Oh, and by the way, heโ€™s also the presidentโ€™s son.

Josh Hutcherson: โ€œHe wants something thatโ€™s his dirty little secret, that no one else can touch, and operating outside the bounds of law when his mom is the commander-in-chief, thereโ€™s something that just gets that part of him going.โ€

Too bad his mom being the top dog is not gonna save him from Jason.

John Statham: โ€œThe law is the law. But when it fails, sometimes the law gets in the way of what right and wrong is. Weโ€™re trying to keep things very real, very dangerous and very efficient.โ€

Jason Statham (as Adam Clay): โ€œI figured Iโ€™d give the firefighters a break.โ€

Dan Li (as Agent Kim): โ€œSomebody detain this guy.โ€

โ€œThe Beekeeperโ€ is now buzzing in theaters.

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