Jazz legend – Lady Gaga’s ‘best friend’ passed away at the age of 96

Information about the passing of this Jazz legend made global audiences mourn.

The great musical legend of Jazz – Tony Bennett – has passed away at the age of 96. His media representative, Sylvia Weiner, confirmed to the press that Tony Bennet passed away in his hometown in New York only 2 weeks before his 97th birthday. The artist’s cause of death has not yet been announced, but in the last years of his life, he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, causing his memory to decline more and more seriously.

Tony Bennet (1926 – 2023)

Tony Bennet was born in 1926, participated in World War II and fought on the European front. He started his musical career in 1950. During his more than 70-year career, he left humanity with many lifelong musical works that have a strong impact and influence on many generations. His most famous song is I Left My Heart In San Francisco (1962) and he has sold more than 50 million records throughout his career.

Tony Bennet took home 20 Grammy Awards, including 1 Lifetime Achievement Award and 2 Emmy Lifetime Achievement Awards. His musical career is one of persistent dedication and constant creativity even though popular music constantly changes according to tastes. Tony Bennet’s musical style is influenced by Frank Sinatra.

At the end of his life, Tony Bennet maintained an extremely close relationship with Lady Gaga. He considered Lady Gaga a very special “muse”. Together, the two released a total of 2 Jazz albums, both of which made a big splash professionally: Cheek To Cheek (2014) and Love For Sale (2021). It was Tony Bennet who “tamed” a previously famous and eccentric artist into the enchanting Jazz style. Lady Gaga was then recognized and highly appreciated by experts for her Jazz singing ability.

His last album released in 2021 – Love For Sale – is also a collaboration album with Lady Gaga. He then performed a farewell concert before officially retiring on August 3 and 5, 2021 at Radio Music City Hall with Lady Gaga.