Lady Gaga uses fashion language to convey the optimistic message of the album “Chromatica”

Returning with her 6th studio album titled “Chromatica”, female singer Lady Gaga once again entertained fans with vibrant Dance Pop songs after a long time conquering jazz and folk rock music. Besides the quality music space, fans were also delighted by the outfits that mixed personality punk-rock and high-end fashion leading the trend of the singer born in 1986.

Creative Director Nicola Formichetti – the person behind Lady Gaga’s costume and styling creations in the album “Chromatica” – shared: “The album ‘Chromatica’ is how Lady Gaga looks at the world optimistically. But the message the album wants to convey is extremely truthful, she expressed many deeply personal things. That is why there is harmony between light and darkness. In fact, we need something that does not run away from the past to see that we are gradually recovering from past hurts.”

As a strong female artist, Lady Gaga has never hidden the difficulties she has experienced during her singing career. The “Born This Way” singer once revealed that she was a victim of sexual harassment, had psychological problems, chronic pain, etc. “Chromatica” is everything Lady Gaga wants to open up about her struggles. the pain of the past reaches fans through his voice.

Designer Nicola Formichetti began collaborating with Lady Gaga in 2009. He is also the creator of Lady Gaga’s beef dress at the 2011 Grammy red carpet and the unique fashion style in the 2009 MV “Bad Romance”.

According to Formichetti, “a harmonious blend” is something fans can easily see in the female singer’s appearance in this comeback. Most notably, the female singer chose an extremely strong, steely blade-shaped heel boot created by Cecilio Castrillo Martinez combined with an animal horn heel designed by Gasoline Glamour. The female singer’s impressive outfit was also impressed by Gary Fay’s fancy nails, leather belt, one-shoulder metal blouse and extremely unique pink hair.

Sharing more about Lady Gaga’s appearance in the album “Chromatica”, Formichetti said that Lady Gaga wanted to take over the vibrant dance floor to share about past difficulties, in addition to the lyrics in the songs on the album. , she also wants to express that through the language of fashion. Previously, Formichetti had planned to turn Lady Gaga into an unknown with a wig, sunglasses and gorgeous makeup. However, no matter what mask Lady Gaga wears, from her style to her unique personality, the audience can easily recognize Gaga within an inch of her life.