Megan Fox Sets the Nail Trends for 2024: Chrome Nails Here to Stay!

Her extra-long version is too good.

If anyone is the queen of blingy, exciting manicures, itโ€™s Megan Fox. Through all of 2023, she constantly served up some of the most original nail looks around. Studded โ€œDevil Redโ€ nails, web nails, tattoo nails, cotton candy nails, the list truly goes on. So, it was no question that the mani she wore to ring in the new year had to top all of the looks from months past. You know, as sort of a good manicure omen for all the nails to come in 2024.

On New Yearโ€™s Eve, the actor was spotted in Aspen, Colorado, with Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter, Casie. While walking the snow-covered streets, Fox was all bundled up in chic winter attire. However, sticking out from her long black coat was a manicure we could not look away from: ultra-long chrome nails.

The nails were the longest weโ€™ve ever seen on Foxโ€”extending multiple inches past her fingertips. Square-shaped, each of them matched with the same color and finish. Very similar to the pink lip gloss nail trend that dominated last summer, all of them were coated in a bright baby pink color. However, they were more than just glossy; they were covered in a reflective chrome. Sort of like if a glazed donut manicure and lip gloss nails shared an ultra-long childโ€”making the gleam from the Colorado snow glisten off each of her fingertips.

Though her outfit was surly changed before the ball dropped, her cozy look is going right to our winter mood board.

Fox tucked her bright red bob into her oversized white teddy bear jacket. Then, a long black coat was layered over it. She wore simple black sweats for pants, and accessorized with chunky black sneakers and a Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton handbag.

Though the length of Fox’s nails may be a little extreme, the color is pretty easy to emulate at home.

First, remove any lingering polish that may be on your nails with nail polish remover. Then, cut and file your nails to the desired length before applying oil to your cuticles to soften and push them back. Then, wipe your nails clean and buff the surface for an even canvas before going in with your favorite base coat.

Then, get into your color. For the baby pink moment, go with something like Orlyโ€™s First Kiss or Rose-Colored Glasses ($11 each); however, any pale pink will do. Then, paint two coats and let dry before dusting on your favorite fine-milled chrome eyeshadow and sealing with a top coat. No matter how long you go, you’ll have a Megan Fox-approved nail look for 2024.

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