Rumor Alert: The Rock Challenges Vin Diesel in an Epic WWE Showdown!

The Fast & Furious action movie series not only attracts the attention of the car racing and chasing scenes, but even the fighting scenes are also the highlights of the movie that leave a strong impression on viewers.

And in the upcoming new movie Fast 8, audiences will not only have the opportunity to watch battle action scenes on the screen but can still watch the confrontation between the film’s main actors in real life.

The joy of Fast & Furious fans still remembers the event not long ago when The Rock wrote a status “exposing” this film crew. Accordingly, The Rock had some criticism towards male actor Vin Diesel and said that his decisions during production were unreasonable.

This consistency has been pushed high and latest, according to Life & Style, it seems that The Rock has decided to fight Vin Diesel in a doubles match at Wrestlemania XXXIII, a wrestling event held 2 weeks before Fast 8 was released.

This rumor was immediately spread widely by Fast 8 fans because everyone was eager to see The Rock confront Vin Diesel in the real-life arena.

However, there are quite a few fans who support this confrontation, but there are still quite a few who are skeptical and think that this attack, and even The Rock’s stormy status, is just a PR game to Just promoting an upcoming movie.

Currently, official information about the struggle to resolve the consistency between The Rock and Vin Diesel on the WWE stage has not yet been determined and there is a high possibility that this is just an untrue rumor. However, many fans are still fighting and hoping that these two actors will appear in the Wrestlemania XXXIII event even though everyone understands that most of the fights here are just forums because.. Who cares if they are forums or not? Just watch Vin Diesel fight with The Rock!