Rumor has it that Brad Pitt is flirting with “Harley Quinn” Margot Robbie, even though he knows he’s married but still “heads in”?

This is not the first time Brad Pitt and beauty Margot Robbie have been questioned about dating.

Brad Pitt and actress Margot Robbie are filming together for the historical drama Babylon. The combination of two famous Hollywood stars makes fans extremely looking forward to it. However, recently, the co-stars have been caught up in rumors of flirting and secretly dating on set.

According to Woman’s Day, Brad and The Suicide Squad beauty have noticed each other since working together in the previous movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. This magazine confirmed that the two actors had an ambiguous relationship and had been flirting with each other for a long time. Meanwhile, Brad cannot leave Margot even though he knows she has been married to producer Tom Ackerley since 2016. The 57-year-old actor and “Harley Quinn” are a pair of co-stars with great “chemistry”. and is considered Hollywood’s ultimate visual combination.

However, according to Gossip Cop, the actor’s representative denied the flirting rumors between the two Once Upon A Time In Hollywood stars. Currently, Margot Robbie is still happy with her husband Tom Ackerley after 4 years of marriage. During the quarantine period, the actress had to travel far from home for work, but she and her husband still took advantage of the opportunity to see each other as much as possible.

In the movie, although they don’t have many scenes together, Brad and Margot are still quite close to each other

The visual combination of the famous star couple makes viewers admire and enjoy

Margot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley still maintain a sweet and happy marriage after 4 years of marriage