While on vacation to recharge, Tom Holland made a statement that surprised the public.

The Spider-man: No way home star recently had a sharing session and attracted attention by revealing that the entertainment industry is not the place for him. Although for Tom Holland, his love for movies is still eternal.

Tom Holland confides in Podcast on purpose

“Look, I actually admit I’m a huge fan of filmmaking, but I really don’t like Hollywood. I don’t feel like it’s for me,” the 27-year-old star said.

Next, “Spider” Holland also explained that he saw some colleagues and friends lose themselves when joining the entertainment industry and was afraid the same thing would happen to him.

“I understand that I am part of this profession and I enjoy my type of interaction with it. But that said I am always looking for ways to remove myself from it, to live as normal a life as possible ” – said Tom Holland.

And all this time, Holland has always reminded himself with the thought: “Don’t lose yourself.” The 27-year-old star also confided that participating in such a podcast is very rare, but the podcast is a safe place for with someone as vulnerable as Tom Holland.

Currently, Spider-Man is dating actress Zendaya – the female lead of the upcoming movie Euphoria. He said he just wants to focus on things that make him happy like family, friends, or working as a carpenter, playing golf in private or doing volunteer work in the organization that Tom’s mother runs. Holland operates.

In early June, Tom Holland gave an interview on Extra to talk about the producer role he recently took on. The star born in 1996 said that although he loves film production, it seems that taking on two roles at once makes Holland overloaded.

Therefore, after completing the project “The Crowded Room” as the main actor and producer, Tom Holland decided to temporarily suspend all activities to relax and clear his mind so he can return to normal life. .