Scarlett Johansson is launching a beauty brand! Here’s what we know so far

The latest celebrity to dip a toe into the beauty market? Scarlett Johansson, whose very own beauty line is rumored to debut sometime in early 2022. Her forthcoming beauty endeavor, namely a skincare line, will be backed by Najafi Companiesโ€”the same private investment beauty firm behind Tracee Ellis Rossโ€™ Patternโ€”as well as Moon Oral Care, and will have the Marvel actress sitting pretty in the chairman seat.

Joining Johansson as co-founder of the impending brand will be beauty and fashion executive Kate Foster, who has previously worked with Juicy Couture and Victoriaโ€™s Secret Beauty.

Alongside Foster and her investment partners, Johansson will be able to operate independently and maintain her creative input and vision for the brand; something she said is a non negotiable for her fledgling venture. Though specific informationโ€”specifically, types of products and a label nameโ€”has yet to be divulged, rumors have pointed toward skincare line made for the minimalist, or what the actress has hinted as a โ€œclean, accessible approach to beauty.โ€

The 36-year-old Oscar nominee and Tony award-winning actressโ€™ beauty business is anything but surprisingโ€”and not because every other Hollywood celebrity is doing the same thing! Johansson has always been interested in the industry, specifically thanks to her ambแด€ssadorial roles with Lโ€™Orรฉal Paris and Dolce & Gabbana. Now, with a line of her own, weโ€™re expecting success comparable to that of her acting career.

Though the brandโ€™s debut date might feel out of reach, the star can still be celebrated with her latest film, Black Widow, which is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 9.