Sexy photos of Lady Gaga when she was not famous were revealed

Female photographer Malgorzata Saniewska photographed Lady Gaga in the summer of 2005. At that time, the pop star still used her real name Stefani Germanotta and was working as a waitress in a restaurant.

The photo set was taken at Lady Gaga’s home.

Malgorzata said: “Gaga plays the piano and sings. That 19-year-old girl really has talent. I asked Gaga to take a photo and she agreed immediately.”

The female photographer explained about the photos of Gaga on the piano: “I know Stefani is a singer, so we focused on her and the piano first.”

“She’s a very good model,” Saniewska commented.

Saniewska took about 200 photos but only revealed a few of them.

The female photographer made a photo CD to send to the female singer and she really liked the photos.

Malgorzata khi đó đã không thể đoán được rằng, cô gái 19 tuổi gợi cảm ấy sau này sẽ trở thành một ngôi sao nhạc pop nổi tiếng khắp thế giới.

Malgorzata said that when she first saw Stefani under the name Lady Gaga, she could not recognize her old friend. Gaga has changed so much.

However, Malgorzata said that Gaga’s personality had not changed when she met her again in 2010. The female singer proactively started a conversation and excitedly recounted the memory of the photo shoot day.