Will Smith’s daughter is proud that her mother dared to face an extramarital affair

Will Smith’s daughter (pictured left) is proud that her mother dared to face an extramarital affair

The Smith family’s online talk show “Red Table Talk” is now in its third season. Recently, three women of the Smith family, including actress Jada Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield Norris, have share stories that happened in their lives, making them feel miserable.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith chose to talk about her affair with singer August Alsina, which happened when Jada and Will Smith were at a difficult stage in their marriage.

Although it happened a long time ago, when August Alsina publicly talked about this, Jada decided to immediately share about this in her talk show, she had a direct conversation with her husband – actor Will Smith in the movie. one episode broadcast. That talk show was held in July this year and attracted great attention.

The Smith couple’s way of handling the problem is considered civilized, understanding and straightforward. Now, their daughter – Willow Smith (19 years old) – shares her perspective on her parents’ story.

The talk show held in July this year attracted great attention. In the photo, Jada and Will Smith are talking to each other.

Willow said that she felt proud that her mother dared to share frankly and publicly what had happened in her life: “I’m very proud of you, mom. To see my parents behave like that, for me, it is a perfect solution and also shows the true love between parents.”

Jada also honestly shared that her most recent miserable moment was when she had to appear on an online talk show, had to sit down with her husband, to talk about how she had had an extramarital affair, a fleeting affair. past, when two people were falling into a period of marital crisis.

While filming that episode, Jada felt as if “every mask was broken” and she had to be honest about every aspect of her life in public.

Jada said that her relationship with August Alsina began about four years ago when she and her husband were going through a difficult time. Jada and August first became friends, then the two grew closer together, because Jada wanted to help August recover his physical and mental health because the singer was also at a low point at this time.

Jada said that her relationship with August Alsina started about 4 years ago

Actor Will Smith confirmed that what his wife said is true. The couple began to know August Alsina right at the time when their marital relationship was going down, and the young singer was in decline in his personal life.

Jada further revealed that that period of separation was because she and her husband wanted to gently and respectfully give each other personal space, and they also did not see male singer August Alsina as someone who “destroys family happiness.” others”.

Jada also does not think that her relationship with August was her mistake, because at that time, Jada and Will Smith agreed to temporarily separate and give each other their own freedom.

During a conversation in July this year on his wife’s online talk show, actor Will Smith affirmed that he and his wife had “reached a new stage in the unconditional love” they have for each other, with It is implied that their marital relationship has warmed up again after the crisis.

Will Smith also shared that the reason their marriage has lasted until now since they got married in December 1997 is because they have always had a decisive attitude in marriage, either move on together or not. completely stopped, both Jada and Will Smith did not accept the “equivocal” state that existed for too long in their marriage.