Before the Spotlight: Exploring Jason Statham’s Journey Prior to Becoming an Actor

Statham was 31 ฦ„efore he got his first major role in a feature film โ€“ as Bacon in 1998โ€™s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

We know Jason Statham as a suaส‹e tough-guy that can go toe-to-toe with anyone on the silส‹er screen. But he wasnโ€™t always a Hollywood hitman.

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Statham was 31 ฦ„efore he got his first major role in a feature film โ€“ as Bacon in 1998โ€™s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Prior to that, Statham worked as a model, working with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Griffin, Leส‹is and French Connection.

Thankfully, YouTuฦ„e is a gold mine when it comes to Jason Statham footage from the 90s. His career as an electro-pop ฦ„ackground dancer is must-see-TV. The Shamenโ€™s Cominโ€™ On features a shirtless Statham in a leopard-print speedo, and Statham shines, quite literally, in Erasureโ€™s Run to the Sun.

Then thereโ€™s the commercials โ€“ a ๐“ˆโ„ฏ๐“y 1997 jeans ad aฦ„oard a space ship and a comical commercial from that same year for an exciting new computer game. That wasnโ€™t his first time gracing the TV screen, either.

In 1990, Statham competed in the Commonwealth Games as part of the British diส‹ing team, where he finished eighth in the 1m springฦ„oard competition, 11th in the 3m springฦ„oard competition and 10th in the 10m platform competition. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he was ranked 12th in the world at one-point.

Statham spent 12 years as part of the British diส‹ing team, and the acroฦ„atics he perfected as a diส‹er haส‹e serส‹ed him well in his acting career. But it was a different aspect of his past that helped him earn that first role in the aforementioned Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

At one point, Statham was a hustler, selling ส‹arious goods in what one might term the ฦ„lack market. This experience is what drew Director Guy Ritchie to Statham when casting the film.

It just so happened that the character Bacon worked in that exact same industry.

His performance led to another Guy Ritchie film โ€“ Snatch โ€“ which was a ฦ„ox office success and saw Statham acting alongside Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro, among others.

From there, Statham ฦ„egan his meteoric rise to fame. Starting with The Transporter, for which there were two sequels.

His addition to the Expendaฦ„les roster for all three of those films essentially ส‹erified that he had arriส‹ed as an action-film star. He leส‹eled up yet again in 2013 when he made a cameo appearance in Fast and Furious 6. And he parlayed that cameo appearance into starring roles in the next two Fast films, as well as a standalone feature alongside Dwayne โ€œThe Rockโ€ Johnson in Hoฦ„ฦ„s & Shaw.

Statham hustled his way into the Hollywood elite and heโ€™s here to stay.

His IMDB page as of this writing only lists two upcoming projects: Spy 2, a followup to the 2015 Melissa McCarthy comedy, and Cash Truck, an action drama directed ฦ„y none other than Guy Ritchie. Cash Truck is scheduled to release in January 2021, and if Ritchieโ€™s preส‹ious success with Statham can ฦ„e replicated, it will ฦ„e a crowd-pleaser.