Tom Cruiseโ€™s New Deal Gives Him A Chance To Do What He Hasnโ€™t Done In 14 Years

  • Tom Cruise has signed a new deal with Warner Bros., allowing him to star in a completely original movie for the first time in 14 years.
  • Cruiseโ€™s recent career has been focused on expanding franchises and adaptations, but this new deal signifies a return to original movies.
  • The deal between Warner Bros. and Cruise will see them jointly develop and produce both original and franchise films, starting in 2024.

Tom Cruise has signed a new deal with Warner Bros., which gives him a chance to do something that he hasnโ€™t done in over a decade. Despite having made successful movies from different genres โ€“ such as horror with Interview with the Vampire, psychological drama with Eyes Wide Shut, and comedy with Tropic Thunder, to name some โ€“, Tom Cruise has found the most success in the action genre, becoming one of the most profitable action stars. Tom Cruiseโ€™s action star status began in 1986 with Top Gun, and he has maintained that spot ever since.

Cruiseโ€™s career has been defined by the action franchises he has led, mostly the Mission: Impossible saga, which has kept him active in the action genre since the 1990s. Following the success of Top Gun: Maverick in 2022, Cruise is at the top of his career one more time, and he has now signed a new deal with Warner Bros. This marks Cruiseโ€™s return to Warner Bros. after Edge of Tomorrow in 2014, and the details of the deal make it quite exciting, as they will give Cruise a chance to do something he hasnโ€™t done in 14 years: star in a completely original movie.

Tom Cruiseโ€™s Last COMPLETELY Original Movie Was 2010โ€™s Knight And Day

Tom Cruise has starred in original movies that were quite successful, such as Risky Business, Days of Thunder, and Magnolia, but in the last decade, he has focused more on expanding franchises and adaptations of other works. The last fully original movie Cruise starred in was Knight and Day, in 2010, directed by James Mangold and written by Patrick Oโ€™Neill. Knight and Day followed classic car restorer June Havens (Cameron Diaz), who ended up being caught up with eccentric secret agent Roy Miller (Cruise), who was on the run from the CIA. Knight and Day didnโ€™t succeed with critics nor at the box office, and Cruise hasnโ€™t starred in an original movie ever since.

Cruise continued expanding the Mission: Impossible franchise with four sequels (and another one to come in 2025), the adaptation of the jukebox Broadway musical Rock of Ages, two Jack Reacher movies (based on the works of Lee Child), Oblivion (based on an unpublished graphic novel), Edge of Tomorrow (based on the novel All You Need is Kill, by Hiroshi Sakurazaka), the failed reboot The Mummy, American Made (based on the life of Barry Seal), and the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick. The last successful original movie Cruise starred in was Valkyrie, in 2008, and with his new deal with Warner Bros., he can now give franchises and adaptations a break.

Cruiseโ€™s New Warner Bros. Discovery Deal Will See Him Return To Original Movies

The new deal between Warner Bros. and Tom Cruise is about jointly developing and producing both original and franchise theatrical films starring Cruise, beginning in 2024. While this is great news for the long-awaited Edge of Tomorrow sequel, itโ€™s also a good sign for Cruise returning to original movies. At the time of writing, the only confirmed project Tom Cruise has is the second part of Mission: Impossible โ€“ Dead Reckoning, to be released in 2025, so itโ€™s to be seen if his first project back at Warner Bros. will be an original movie or if he will make more adaptations and sequels before returning to fully original stories.