Unveiling the Untold: Tom Cruiseโ€™s Daughter Emerges from a Desirable Family into a Heartbreakingly Tragic Past!

Suri Cruise will celebrate its 17th birthday next April. Raised by her mother, Katie Holmes, as is known, she has not seen her father, Tom Cruise, for 10 years. She has made a decision about her future.

After her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, she grew up with her mother in New York, away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Katie Holmes did everything to educate her and ensure her protection from the media and photographers. Suri Cruise lives without her famous father, who lives in Los Angeles and with whom she is no longer in contact. Tom Cruise hasnโ€™t tried to meet her in ten years. Suri Cruise is currently in high school, has a completely normal education level and is thinking about her future.

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In fact, Daily Mail revealed that Suri Cruise has submitted several applications for graduate studies at the university. Her favorite field? #Fashion, specializes in the industry she chose with passion. She wanted to stay in New York, not far from her mother, who was responsible for raising her alone.

Suri Cruise and mother  Katie Holmes

Suri Cruiseโ€™s studies will be sponsored by Tom Cruise , her father, according to the agreement signed with Katie Holmes when they divorced. In fact, it was agreed that the implementing party would pay all these costs and respect other provisions. In particular, the actor had to pay a large amount of money to his ex-wife until Suri Cruise turned 18 years old. He must also cover her potential medical expenses as well as her school-related expenses. However, if he had the financial means,  Tom Cruise has never played an important role in her life, nor was he involved in raising her, even though he was granted visitation rights at the end of the divorce proceedings.

Star Tom Cruise with his daughter when she was a child

Known reasons for parentsโ€™ divorce: Science, which is a doctrine, requires its members not to come into contact with strangers, for fear of their bad influence and driving them away the community of thought that they consider their religion. . Scientology promotes a pseudoscientific method called dianetics (a system developed by founder of the Church of Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard , aimed to alleviate psychological disorders by purifying the mind of images harmful spirit), and more broadly presents a set of beliefs and She believes that humans are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature.

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In 2019, Scientology alum Samantha Domingo told US Weekly that followers of this religion should really cut ties with their loved ones if they themselves are not Scientologists. She added that Tom Cruise may have been manipulated into believing that Suri was no longer his daughter but โ€œmerely a soul in his daughterโ€™s bodyโ€.

Leah Remini, an actress who also went to the Church of Scientology but abandoned it, revealed in 2020 that Tom Cruise may have intended to take his daughter back when she became an adult. โ€œ I am certain that his cunning plan was to wait until Suri was older to recruit her into Scientology and lure her away from her mother.โ€

Tom Cruise never talks about his children. In addition to Suri, he also has two older children whom he adopted while in a relationship with Nicole Kidman, who left him for Scientology. However, Connor and Isabella are affiliated with Scientology. So it makes sense that he saw them. But because he is not used to talking about his personal life, it is unclear the status of his relationship with his two eldest children.

In 2005, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise formalized their relationship. The couple seemed to be madly in love, and we all remember the scene where Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah Winfreyโ€™s couch a few weeks after meeting the actress to show that he was in love How much are you? At that time he was 16 years older than her. But six years after their marriage in Italy, the American actress filed for divorce. She received a $4.8 million alimony in exchange for harsh conditions. She was banned from publicizing her relationship for five years, talking about Tom Cruise, mentioning their marriage or expressing her views on Scientology.

As for Suriโ€™s future, her father will not play โ€œany roleโ€ in choosing her profession in the field of fashion and will also have no say in it. On the other hand, under the terms of the divorce, he will commit to paying his daughterโ€™s tuition and college and $400,000 per month until she turns 18 years old.